Garden Sharing Network Toronto is brought to you by the good folks at Greenest City, Access Alliance, The Stop Community Food Centre, Toronto Green Community and Toronto Urban Growers. We connect people who are willing to share their yard space with growers who don’t have land for growing food in the Parkdale, Taylor-Massey and Wychwood areas.  By matching growers to underused space, we hope to increase the amount of fresh, local food grown in our communities and make our neighbourhoods greener.

We will visit you to find out more about your preferences and your yards growing potential and determine the right match for you!

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“It has been going very well. The family are lovely and it’s a treat to see the children enjoying the garden space so much. They planted many things and keep up the watering. One evening I enjoyed a delicious spear of broccoli!

Great programme Lara, thank you!

It has been going very well.

I was moving to an apartment with no outside space not even a balcony. I was looking for a community garden, but they all put me on a waiting list, but Liz found me a garden right away.

Found a Garden