What is Garden Sharing?

What is Garden Sharing?

Yard sharing is a popular way across Canada to help people who want to grow fresh, local produce but don’t have access to gardening space.

People who have space they aren’t using offer it to a local gardener. The gardener and landholder make an agreement about how to share the produce.

The gardener grows food for themselves and the landholder makes good use of their garden space.  It’s a win for everyone!
Food gardens can happen in many sunny spaces, not just in the ground. Containers on driveways or decks can also grow food!

Benefits of Garden Sharing – Community and Society

  • Builds community – neighbours meet each other and work together
  • Turn unused space into green space
  • Learn about different cultures through their food

For homeowners:

  • Helping members of your community gain access to healthy, local organic foods
  • Learn more about growing food or share your knowledge with others
  • Connect with others in your neighbourhood
  • Unlock the potential of your yard
  • Increases property value

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For Gardeners:

  • Grow your own healthy, local food
  • Share your gardening knowledge
  • Connect with others in your neighbourhood

If you are a gardener in any of these areas and are interested in connecting with a Landholder, click the link for your nearest neighourhood.


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